Pest Control Insulation TAP®

Pest Control Insulation
Pest Control Insulation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

is cracking down on the use of marketing claims for pesticides that “imply” that a particular pesticide is safe.

With this in mind, the following words and phrases should be avoided when marketing and/or selling TAP® Pest Control Insulation:

• TAP® is safe for use
• TAP® is harmless
• TAP® is non-toxic
• TAP® is benign
• TAP® is non-poisonous

The appropriate language should state that “TAP® is acceptable for use around humans and pets.” Information or discussion regarding the properties of boric acid itself (as opposed to the properties of TAP®) may be provided if desired.

Claims Regarding Types of Pests T•A•P® Controls TAP® only controls the insects that are listed on the product label, and any marketing or sales claims cannot deviate from this list of insects.

Claims that T•A•P® “Repels Pests”

Pest Control Insulation
Pest Control Insulation

TAP® does not repel insects; it kills them. The active ingredient in TAP® is boric acid, which is not a repellent of insects. Studies have shown that pests are unable to detect the presence of boric acid and, therefore, pests cannot be repelled from a substance that they cannot detect. Boric acid’s effectiveness in killing self-grooming insects is in large part due to the fact that they ingest the substance without
knowing that they are ingesting it.

What Can Be Said About Mold (Fungi)

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is NOT labeled to “control” or kill mold – i.e. TAP® is not a labeled fungicide. It follows then that because TAP® is not a fungicide, we cannot make any marketing/sales claims that TAP® will “kill” or “control” or “prevent” or “mitigate” mold or any other fungus.

However, certain regulatory/consumer bodies (ASTM, FTC) require that cellulose insulation products meet or exceed certain fungi resistance standards. Stated differently, cellulose insulation products must be tested to ensure that mold will not grow on the product itself.

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